Andrew Hollingsworth

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Andrew Hollingsworth MCSP

Andy has a wealth of experience in musculo-skeletal healthcare and rehabilitation. He initially graduated from the University of Durham in 2002 with a BA in Sport in the community. From there he went to the University of Southampton and gained his MSc in Physiotherapy in 2007. Since qualifying he has gained valuable experience both in the NHS and in private practice. His particular interest in managing all aspects of muscular skeletal healthcare with an emphasis on rehabilitation as the key to achieving long term goals. He has worked with various athletic teams in the past and has been involved with the British U21 Water-ski team and local cricket teams. He himself has played cricket at county level and also plays golf to low single figures. He is keen to use his own sporting experience, combined with his clinical knowledge to complete sport specific profiling on both golfers and cricketers. This will enable them to follow individually tailored sport specific programs to allow them to optimise their own personal fitness and optimal sports performance.